Which Teeth Straightening Method is for You?

There are many reasons to get your teeth straightened. Most people associate it with the cosmetic reason for wanting to have an amazing smile. However, straightening your teeth can also help avoid future issues in your mouth. Crooked teeth can push neighboring teeth off-kilter, create hard to clean areas and affect the gums if the tooth is particularly crooked or at an angle. There are many ways to straighten teeth, but which is best?

Traditional Braces

This is the method most well-known. It involves metal brackets being attached the teeth and metal wires used to move the teeth into position. This method is the most visible method, but for someone like a teenager, it is not a big deal. Many kids around that age will be getting braces, and some enjoy having their dentist apply colors to the braces to highlight them in a fun way instead of worrying about hiding them.


Invisalign ditches brackets for clear aligners that move the teeth into position in phases. The aligners are nearly invisible to the naked eye and can be removed whenever the wearer likes. This makes activities like eating a lot easier. For those that want to straighten their teeth but are a bit self-conscious, Invisalign can be the best bet to straighten your teeth secretly. As long as they are worn for 22 hours a day, they will help get your teeth in the correct position.

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