What is it Like to Get a Root Canal?

Are you afraid of the thought of a root canal? Are you aware of everything implied with getting treated for a root canal? If you answered yes to the first question and are a little bit unsure of the second question, we at Northwest Austin family dentistry in Austin, TX, are here to tell you all you need to know about a root canal and why you don’t have to be afraid anymore!

When You Need One

Most patients complain of searing pain when coming to our office for the possible need of a root canal. What many may not know is that root canals are from the pulp of your tooth becoming infected or dying off. Because this pulp is composed of nerves, blood vessels, and soft tissues, when said pulp is dead, you may not even feel pain. This is when the importance of routine dental checkups comes into play as this is a condition that should not be taken lightly and should be treated as soon as possible.

Treatment Process

When the treatment process begins, complete removal of the pulp tissue in your root canal is conducted and after this pulp is all gone the area that needs to be disinfected. All of this is done in order to save your tooth, maintaining the integrity of your jaw and the structures around it.

The dentist begins by locating the infected tooth, then the site of the tooth is opened in order to extract the dead pulp. Once this pulp is then extracted the disinfection process then begins, and then a filling is placed in your tooth which is reinforced by a dental crown later on if so chosen.


After your procedure it is very common to still feel pain associated with the soreness made during the treatment process, but it will subside after only a few weeks.

Now What?

Following the procedure, more reinforcements may need to be made to your too, with that being said, it is nothing to worry about. The important thing is is that you saved your tooth before it was too late, and you will no longer experience any pain that was involved with you’re infected organ.

If you’re worried you may have an infected tooth, or would just like to schedule a dental exam, don’t hesitate to give our office a call as soon as possible to see us at the best time for you.

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