Mouth Guards in Austin

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We often hear about how brushing and flossing can help protect our teeth, but what about protecting them from damage such as sports injuries and bruxism? We are proud to offer mouth guards for sports as well as night guards for patients that suffer from teeth clenching/grinding. Mouthguards and night guards can prevent cracks, chips and other damage that can happen when teeth are not protected.

Custom Night Guard

We frequently see patients that have cracks, chips and other damage to their teeth due to unconscious grinding and clenching. This can be due to bruxism, TMJ/TMD, and other conditions. With our night guards, we can help prevent the damage and discomfort often associated with these conditions. They are custom-made to fit comfortably and are worn only while sleeping to prevent unconscious grinding/clenching.

Neglecting to wear a night guard when you suffer from bruxism, TMJ or other clenching/grinding can result in cracks, chips, cavities and ultimately the loss of teeth, leading to invasive and expensive dental interventions to restore your smile.

Custom Sports Mouthguard

We recommend that all patients who partake in athletic/sports activities wear a custom sports mouthguard. They are custom-made to fit comfortably and protect teeth, lips, tongue and even the jaw from traumatic injuries. It is to be worn on the upper teeth and will protect the bottom teeth, tongue, and jaw as well.

Patients that neglect to wear a sports guards while participating in athletic activities are more prone to traumatic dental injuries, which can range from small chips and cracks to the dislodging of teeth. In the event you experience trauma from sports, fillings, crowns and even implants could be necessary to restore your smile.