Same Day Dental Emergency Appointments

It is practically impossible to plan for a for any kind of emergency, no less a dental emergency. What can you do to plan, nonetheless? One of the best way to prepare for a dental emergency is to ask your dentist if they offer same0day appointments. The last thing you wants to have a tooth fallen out of your mouth, and then have to wait three or more days until you can be seen. At NW Austin Family Dentistry in Austin, TX, we want you to be confident in our ability to see you as soon as possible. See why this business model is so important for our patients.

Same Day Appointments Emergency Dental Care

This service can be of great benefit to those that have children that play sports or wear mouth guards. For these families, it is important to know that if and when your child chips, breaks or cracks a tooth, that it’s important to get ice on the side of the mouth that was affected. Put the tooth back in the socket and bite down in order to put the tooth back in temporarily to keep the gum tissue from dying. In an emergency, be sure to get to the dentist right away!

What to Expect During your Emergency Visit

Be sure to contact us right away and come into the office as soon as you possibly can. Once here, we’ll take x-rays of the affected areas to get a better understanding of what happened exactly. Once understood what has happened, we will best be able to treat you or your child in a timely manner.

Does Your Dentist Provide Emergency Services?

The best and most efficient way to find out if your dentist offers someday appointments to ask them directly. Any dentist would be happy to answer this question for you, and we’re no different at NW Austin Family Dentistry. Give us a call today to schedule your very first appointment!

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