Dental Sealants in Austin, Texas
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Dental Sealants

At Northwest Austin Family Dentistry, we understand that prevention is essential to our patient’s oral health. For this reason, we are proud to offer dental sealants for children and other patients interested in extra protection for their teeth.

Most people’s teeth have depressions and grooves on the chewing surfaces. These depressions can make brushing, flossing, and cleaning of teeth a lot harder for a patient. When a dental sealant is applied to the teeth, it seals these areas and forms a protective layer. This allows a toothbrush to properly clean the entire tooth. The protective layer a dental sealant provides can help deter plaque buildup, decay, and even cavities.

Tooth-Colored Dental Sealants

At our Austin dental office, we offer tooth-colored dental sealants which can help protect our patients’ smiles. During your appointment, your Austin dentist will apply the sealant to the surface of your teeth. The sealant will quickly bond to the tooth and seal the depressions and grooves on your teeth, leaving a protective layer and providing a smoother surface for brushing.

Patients whose teeth are not protected by a dental sealant are more at risk for plaque buildup, bacteria overgrowth, decay, and cavities. This can ultimately lead to more costly dental treatments. Want to ensure your teeth are protected? Our dental sealants only take minutes to apply and can greatly reduce your risk of decay. Contact our Austin, TX office today to get your teeth protected.

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