Dental Cleanings – 4 Steps to A Healthier Smile

If the dentist isn’t your favorite place to visit, you’re not alone. We at NW Austin Family Dentistry in Austin, TX, want you to love coming to the dentist, and the best way to accomplish that is by ensuring you don’t have to endure possible “scary” appointments. The key is in coming to the dentist for your bi-annual cleanings! At these harmless appointments, our highly-trained staff of dental hygienist use their gentle touch to clean and polish your teeth, be on the lookout for any possible dangers, and let you know on what you have to improve to keep your smile beautiful, but most importantly healthy!

Why Dental Cleanings Are Important

As partially stated in the previous paragraph, the significance of dental cleanings can never be understated. It is at these appointments that plaque and buildup are removed from your teeth, comprehensive checkups of your mouth are made, and your health is kept up to date. Gum disease is one of the most common diseases among Americans and is actually linked to much more serious problems like diabetes and heart disease. Keep yourself safe by coming to your cleaning appointments!

Steps to a Dental Cleaning

At a cleaning appointment, there are four main components to your service.

Removal of plaque and tartar

Expert flossing

High-powered tooth polishing

Patient education

At one appointment in the year, your dentist will make it a point to take x-rays of your teeth to monitor any movement.

Is it Time for Your Next Cleaning?

If you find yourself in the Austin, TX, area and you realize you’re due for teeth cleaning, don’t wait, give us a call and make yourself an appointment today!

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