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Fast Braces

Do you or a loved one have crooked or misaligned teeth? Are your teeth oddly spaced? Are you interested in an affordable, quick treatment option for correcting these dental issues? With Fastbraces you can quickly correct any of these dental flaws. There are numerous cosmetic and structural teeth issues that Fastbraces can correct, including overcrowding, overbites, underbites, spacing issues and even crooked teeth!

Fastbraces® Technology: FAST

Fast Braces vs. Traditional Braces

Though Fastbraces and traditional braces have the same treatment goal and are used as an orthodontic treatment to correct teeth alignment and spacing issues, there are some major differences between the two, which include:

  • Fastbraces move both the tooth crown and tooth root at the same time.
  • Fastbraces are typically a shorter treatment option, taking as little as three
  • Fastbraces are less expensive than traditional braces and Invisalign.

The main difference between the structure of Fastbraces and traditional braces is the bracket. The triangular brackets of Fastbraces are referred to as “self-ligating brackets” and do not require additional wire or elastic bands to hold them together.

Benefits of Fast Braces

Fast braces uses a new patented bracket design, these triangular shaped brackets allow for the use of just one wire during the orthodontic treatment process. This allows the entire tooth to be moved instead of moving the crown first, then the root like with traditional braces. This can dramatically reduce treatment time, sensitivity and discomfort often associated with traditional metal braces.

Braces are typically seen as an orthodontic treatment for children and teenagers; they are, however, a perfect option for patients of any age that is interested in correcting spacing or alignment issues. Interested in correcting your smile in as little as three months? Contact our dental office today! We’d be happy to schedule an appointment and determine whether Fastbraces are the right orthodontic treatment option for you.

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