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Orthodontic Treatment

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At Northwest Austin Family Dentistry in Austin, TX near Round Rock and Cedar Park, TX, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful, functional, healthy smile. For this reason, we are proud to offer multiple orthodontic treatment options for patients who are interested in correcting spacing, bite and alignment issues of their teeth. Interested in our Austin orthodontics? Schedule an appointment today!

Orthodontic Treatments from Our Orthodontist Near Cedar Park & Round Rock, TX

The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to line up the teeth properly and correct the size and shape of the jaw. There are numerous options to do this, including traditional braces and Invisalign invisible retainers. Braces are typically associated with younger patients, but today an affordable orthodontist near you also offers this for adults who are not satisfied with the look or position of their teeth.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional braces are the most common braces our patients are aware of. They consist of wires, brackets, and elastics which are used to slowly move teeth into the desired position. These are most often used on our younger teenage dental patients; however, they can be used for patients of any age.

Fast Braces

Fast Braces are very similar to traditional braces and also consist of elastics, brackets, and wires which are used to move teeth into the desired position. The main difference between Fast Braces and traditional braces, however, are the brackets. With Fast Braces, the brackets are triangular instead of square; this allows for more pressure to be applied, significantly decreasing overall orthodontic treatment time.


Invisalign is the latest in orthodontic technology and serves the same purpose as other braces, straightening teeth and moving them to a more desirable position. Invisalign, however, does not utilize any wires, brackets or elastics. Custom aligners are made that will be worn for a determined time during treatment; the aligners are almost completely invisible and may be removed when eating, drinking or cleaning teeth.

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