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Thinking about Dentures?

Does your smile suffer from missing or severely damaged teeth?

Dentures are a great solution for restoring the functionality and appearance of your smile!

We take pride in offering both full and partial dentures depending upon your situation and desires. These can help restore normal chewing and speaking, and are custom-made to be comfortable and look natural.

Full Dentures

For patients that are missing entire arches of teeth (top or bottom rows), full dentures can be a perfect option. Full dentures consist of a flesh-colored plate which is customized to fit and artificial teeth which are attached to the plate. This restores your ability to bite, chew and speak properly and may even give a more youthful appearance. Depending upon whether your full denture is for the top or bottom arch, or both, adhesive may be needed to secure the denture each day.

Partial Dentures

For patients that are missing a few teeth, a partial denture may be a great option. Unlike full dentures, partials are used for patients missing one or a few teeth. The partial is supported using a metal brace which anchors to remaining natural teeth, or in some instances with the use of dental implants which are attached to the jawbone.

Tired of living with missing or severely damaged teeth?

We can provide you with dentures, either full or partial, so your ability to smile, eat and speak is fully restored. You can then continue leading a normal life without worrying about the appearance of your smile.

If you want to find out how dentures can help you, schedule an appointment with us today!


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