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CEREC in Harlingen Texas

Expect Brilliance and Function with CEREC® Technology

The advancement of technology has changed the way we restore our patients’ smiles. With innovative techniques like CEREC®, our doctors place crowns and bridges within a single visit, getting you back to enjoying life in no time. Traditional crown and bridge procedures involve a number of inconveniences, such as multiple visits spanning weeks, goopy impression material stimulating the gag reflex, uncomfortable temporary crowns and the bulky feeling of porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations. Harlingen Family Dentistry offers you and your loved ones the same-day convenience of modern CEREC® crowns and bridges, immediately restoring brilliance and function to your smile.

Wear a Beautiful Smile with Natural-Looking, Durable CEREC®

CEREC® technology enables our doctors to remove damage or decay, prepare your teeth, and fabricate high quality ceramic crowns and bridges – all within the same visit. From taking digital impressions with our intraoral scanner to delivering your brand new, permanent restoration, the process of returning function to your oral health and smile is easy, convenient and quite comfortable. Consider the advantages of receiving CEREC® crowns and bridges:

  • Single visit process
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • No messy molds or impression materials
  • Easy digital impressions (avoids the gag reflex)
  • No waiting for off-site lab work
  • No uncomfortable temporaries
  • Natural-looking, highly esthetic results
  • No bulky porcelain or metal
  • Metal-free restorations
  • High durability (less prone to breaking)

Restoring Your Smile Has Never Been Easier!

At Harlingen Family Dentistry, we firmly believe in providing the highest quality, most innovative care available today. Our in-office CEREC® milling machine affords the ultimate in convenience when it comes to giving you and your family the healthy, lasting smiles you deserve. Scheduling your crown or bridge visit with our experienced team is easy, even if you are short on time but need a tooth restored or replaced as soon as possible.

With easy, same-day CEREC® restorations, the natural-looking smile you have been waiting for is just an appointment away! Contact us today to schedule your visit.

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