Whitening Teeth with Braces

If you are wearing dental braces, you are probably putting a lot of effort for improving your dental health and appearance. A significant part of improving your dental appearance is whitening your teeth says dentist near Austin, TX. But the pertinent question is which option is best for teeth whitening.

Here’s a Look at Some Options and the Results they Offer:

  • Toothpaste

Using the whitening toothpaste can be one of the easiest ways of getting whiter teeth. However, these toothpastes don’t help in achieving drastic results and also come with abrasive material which can damage the ceramic brackets and make them stained. Irrespective of metal or ceramic braces, the brackets are bonded on the teeth and the area covered by a bracket will not be affected by the whitening toothpaste. You can get recommendations from your dentist on which toothpaste to use.

  • Whitening Strips and Trays

The whiteners can be applied at the comfort of your home with strips and trays. The strips are coated with a whitening gel and pressed around your teeth. The tray kits come with a mouth-guard like appliance which is filled with whitening gel. However, the area covered by the brackets will not be whitened by the strips or trays. When the braces come off, there may be a visible discoloration. Also, strips are very difficult to be applied with braces and the trays have to be custom made for application with braces.

  • Professional Whitening

One of the best options for teeth whitening with or without braces is the professional whitening. The procedure is performed at the dental clinic. The dentist chooses the most effective treatment for your unique teeth and takes precaution to protect your gums and mouth.

It is up to you to make choice between the above mentioned whitening options. However, it is better to maintain a good oral care routine for maintaining optimum dental health. When you are wearing braces, brushing and flossing becomes even more important so that the plaque doesn’t build up around the brackets. You must also avoid food items and beverages which can stain the teeth.