What Is a Root Canal? – Pain, Procedure and Cost

In the world of dentistry, root canal is such a term which signifies both the problem area and treatment. Root canal is the inner part of the tooth, where pulp can be found which contains nerves, fluid and capillaries. The pulp could be infected, and that can cause mild as well as severe pain. In such cases, the infected part of the pulp has to be removed through a surgical method. This method is also known as root canal. NW Austin Family Dentistry offers root canal treatment with precision, assuring the quickest and painless process.

Why Root Canal Happens?

Root canal pain occurs, when pulp inside tooth is infected. If the infected part is not removed, the infection will start spreading out. As a result, mild pain will turn into severe pain and it can also start oozing blood from the root of teeth. Causes of root canal are discussed below.

  • Root canal pain is triggered due to rapid tooth decay and it can potentially happen due to malnutrition, lack of calcium, etc.
  • Firm hit or blow on the teeth can damage the pulp inside and this could possible cause root canal pain.
  • Bacterial infection can spread from gum to the root canal area. Due to the infection, root canal pain is encountered.

Symptoms of Root Canal Issue

Every disease comes with a few prominent signs, and root canal infection is no different in this regard. There are a few symptoms that suggest possible occurrence of root canal issue. These symptoms are discussed below.

  • Severe toothache is caused due to root canal infection.
  • A small bump on the gum just beneath the affected tooth can be noted.
  • Swelling gum near pain area is also a symptom.

Treatment for Root Canal Infection

The whole procedure and treatment for root canal infection are not simple. The treatment involves plenty of steps. It is important to find a professional dentist to get the root canal treatment done. At NW Austin Family Dentistry, certified and professional dentists are available to offer the best root canal procedure experience. Painless and quick procedure is guaranteed to the patients.

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