What Happens When You Get a Dental Filling?

Have you been diagnosed with tooth decay or a cavity? Wondering what happens when you get a dental filling? Today Northwest Austin Family Dentistry is covering what exactly happens when you have a cavity and require a dental filling. 


The first step when it comes to tooth decay is diagnosing it through an examination. Your dentist will provide evaluation, looking at each of your teeth to check for any signs of tooth decay or cavity formation. Depending on the size and position of the cavity, your dentist will determine the correct treatment plan.

Diagnostic X-Rays

In certain situations, your dentist may also recommend diagnostic x-rays to determine the extent of the decay. Depending upon your x-ray, alternative treatment options such as an inlay, onlay or even dental crown may be recommended.

Decay Removal

Regardless of the method used to treat your tooth decay, the portion of your tooth which is decayed or infected will need to be thoroughly removed. Using a drill, your dentist will gently remove the decayed area, leaving the healthy natural tooth structure left intact. If too much decay removal is necessary, a crown may be recommended.

Tooth Cleaning

Once the decay has been removed, the tooth will also need to be thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning the tooth can help to prevent future complications. Antibiotics may also be prescribed depending upon the extent of decay or infection.

Dental Filling Placement

The final step is the placement of the dental filling. The most popular type of dental fillings is tooth-colored fillings due to their ability to blend with the patient’s natural smile. Once the filling is placed, your dentist will sculpt and shape the filling, and then allow it to harden using a special light. Once the filling has hardened, it will look just like a healthy natural tooth.


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