Eating After Root Canal Therapy?

Many people are scared at the thought of undergoing any dental procedure and when it comes to root canal procedure, most people develop cold feet. However, having some information on root canal therapy in Austin, TX can help in being less anxious about the therapy and managing eating after the treatment.

The anatomy of a tooth

Teeth are primarily made of a substance known as dentin which has enamel coating as the outer coating of the tooth. The part of teeth beneath the gum is known as root. Inside the tooth there is a mix of blood vessels, nerves, and a pulp which offers nutrients, oxygen, and feeling to the tooth. When the pulp of tooth becomes infected, the root canal treatment is required. The symptoms of infection can be pain while chewing, swelling of gums, and sensitivity to heat and cold to name a few. Sometime there may be no symptoms and diagnosis is done with the help of X-ray.

What Happens During Root Canal Therapy?

Dentist near TX 78717 says it may take more than one visit for completing the root canal therapy which involves:

  • Cleaning the decay and infection
  • Creating a smooth and evenly shaped canal which can’t harbour bacteria
  • Refilling the canals with a barrier product which lasts long
  • Sealing the top of the tooth with a crown to protect from cavity.

When Root Canal Should Be Done?

The root canal is necessary when the infection has reached the pulp of your tooth so that your tooth can be saved by removing the decayed pulp.

Eating after Root Canal Procedure

You must eat from the opposite side of the mouth where the root canal is performed. You must chew slowly so that the food doesn’t reach the site of root canal. Avoid consuming extreme hot or cold items when your mouth is numb from anaesthetic. Consume only soft food items which are not difficult to chew such as fruits, cereals, dairy products, mashed vegetables, pasta, and noodles. You must also avoid having hard or sticky food items.