3 Things Your Hygienist is Looking for at Your Cleaning Appointment

The dentist is surely not everyone’s favorite place to go, but really they want the best for us and our oral health! Most apprehension stems from the unknown. In this case, many may not know what goes on at their teeth cleaning appointments. What is your hygienist looking for? Will they see something that you missed? Even the most prepared dentist-goer might have a few questions like these. Read on to find the answers to these questions.

There are three main teeth-related issues that your hygienist will be looking for. They are as follows:

  • Gum Disease – As one of the most common dental diseases, hygienists thoroughly look for any gum problems that may arise. This includes gum inflammation, discoloration, and recession. They also measure the depth of periodontal pockets or the space between your teeth and the gums that becomes larger with this disease. More dangerous is that you may never even feel the symptoms of this disease.
  • Broken Teeth – While invisible to the naked eye, fine cracks can appear on the surface of your teeth. These cracks, while fixable can pose a significant problem to your health and can lead to even bigger problems. Fractures compromise the structure of your teeth and will need to be replaced and protected with a dental crown.
  • Tooth Decay – At the time of your appointment, your hygienist will check for any tooth decay. It is manifested on the teeth as tiny black spots. The severity of tooth decay and action to be taken to fix it is checked with x-rays.

Now that you have a better idea of what your next cleaning appointment will entail, you can enter the dental office with newfound confidence. Call your local dentist to make a cleaning appointment today!

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